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Crossborder Retirement Pensions

Aug 2023 Issue

Many Canadian and American expatriates we encounter need guidance with respect to their government pension planning. Commonly, they will have worked in both countries and have accumulated both Canada Pension Plan (CPP) and US Social Security (SS) pension credits. The question then becomes, “which pension do I apply for when…

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Inflation Optimism & Recession Fears

Feb 2023 Issue

In This Issue: 2022 was not all bad Positive surprises being masked China’s policy U-turn is a mixed positive Inflation battle beginning to turn Mild recession if policy errors avoided At the start of every year, one of the long-standing traditions in the investment world is for strategists to publish their…

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Bonds Finally Get Interesting

Nov 2022 Issue

In This Issue: Bond markets are pivotal to markets Policy errors destroy bond returns Balanced portfolios showing historic declines Bond price drop creating attractive valuations The late comedian Rodney Dangerfield was known for the famous line “I don’t get no respect.”  When it comes to investing in the financial markets,…

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War on Inflation Awakens the Bear

Aug 2022 Issue

In This Issue: In Spring 2020, the global economy entered the deepest recession since the Great Depression. Fortunately, it also turned out to be the shortest recession on record – lasting barely two months.  Powered by a limitless level of stimulus from governments and central banks, the global economy roared…

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The Return of the Old World Order

Aug 2022 Issue

In This Issue: War in Europe & the old world order Conflict brings energy security to center stage Economic growth forecasts lowered Evolving perspectives on ESG Investing As the COVID pandemic peaked and the world started to transition back to some semblance of its pre-pandemic characteristics, it is clear that normal…

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Inflation Fueling Markets’ Anxiety

Feb 2022 Issue

In This Issue: Interest rates set to rise Investor anxiety is rising Markets undergoing a repricing History shows worries might be misplaced For over 40 years, interest rates have been falling across the world. However, the path of interest rates has not followed a smooth path downward. To those with…

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Inflation: Still Not That ’70s Show

Oct 2021 Issue

In This Issue: Supply chain issues hitting the economy Inflation concerns rise Energy prices throwing a curveball All eyes are on the central banks The emergence of the global economy from the pandemic induced lockdown last year has brought about more than a few curveballs. The turbocharged economic growth rate…

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Supply, Demand and the Exaggerated Demise of Oil

Aug 2021 Issue

In This Issue: JP Morgan analyst: policies are reducing fossil fuel energy capacity faster than demand can switch to renewables Oil supply must rise to balance steady demand EVs face challenges from infrastructure and copper supply In response to reports of his passing in 1897, the great American author, Mark…

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Economic Blue Skies & Awakening Inflation

May 2021 Issue

In This Issue: Global economic growth gathering momentum Vaccines have strengthened the economic recovery Nations facing different paths out of the downturn due to differences in vaccination rates Inflation is going to be a hurdle for the economy The global economy has come roaring back faster and further than the…

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Inflation Starting to Stir

Feb 2021 Issue

In This Issue: Vaccination rates are the key to maintaining economic momentum Government support payments have helped create a surge in household savings Pent –up consumer demand could create inflationary pressures  Global supply chains leading to production challenges for some industries COVID-19 has had the world in its grip for…

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