Our Firm

“Trust is the cornerstone of our practice”

We are a team of investment specialists who are dedicated to providing financial guidance and stewardship of your wealth. We know that above all, when you ask us to manage your wealth, it is not just a portfolio of stocks and bonds, it is the product of many years of hard work and painstaking savings. We understand that it is your basis for a fulfilling retirement, a meaningful gift or a specific target or goal.

What we do for you

We can help you reach your investment goals in three core areas of our practice:

  • Portfolio management on a discretionary basis.
  • Crossborder investment management for expatriate Americans and Canadians.
  • Institutional investment management for foundations, corporations, and other institutions.

At the heart of our practice is a focus on:

  • Striving to provide positive returns and downside protection in any market environment.
  • Cost effective management through the use of low-cost or no-cost investment vehicles, and by shopping around for the best pricing.
  • Independent decision making, that is not influenced by inducements from fund and service providers.
  • Customized portfolio solutions that are as unique as your investment needs.

Our commitment to true independence

We believe that working as a truly independent team on a fee for service basis is the best way to align your goals with ours. At Pacifica Partners, managing your wealth is the responsibility of all our partners, which is a departure from the typical “one-client” per “one-advisor” relationship. This is one of the reasons why we are an independent firm rather than a team working under the banner of a large financial intuition. We are strictly portfolio managers, focusing our expertise in providing steady growth and downside protection in an increasingly complex global investment environment. We avoid conflicts of interest by refusing any commissions or third party inducements and we do not perform tax, legal or insurance services in-house. In order to ensure you receive the best in accounting, legal, and insurance services, we work closely with other independent professionals who are completely free to critique or audit our work or reporting.

Our commitment to ethical principles

All members of Pacifica adhere to the CFA Code of Ethics where we:

  • Place the integrity of the profession and the interests of our clients above our own interests.
  • Act with integrity, competence and respect.
  • Maintain and develop our professional acumen.

We also adhere to the Standards of Professional Conduct. Ultimately what this means is that we’ll take measures to ensure all of our clients receive:

  • Fair dealing, where all client accounts are managed fairly and objectively, and make every effort that all clients pay the same price for an investment.
  • Transparency in our reporting and openness to any conflicts.
  • Care and diligence in our investment analysis and recommendations.

Commitment to client education

We take the time to ensure you’ll understand your portfolio, and how you can take advantage of our investor tools to keep track of transactions and returns through our online account portal.

We publish newsletters and strategy notes on a quarterly basis to provide explanations for key market events and a perspective that is often contrary to the herd.