Align Your
Your Investments with
Your Values

Support a stronger and safer society with your portfolio.

Responsible Investing

Pacifica Partners is committed to being a leader in providing customized responsible investing portfolios that integrate industry leading ESG data and analysis.

Our RI policy addresses the ethical operations of companies with regard to three factors:

  • Environmental factors address the impact on a company regarding items such as pollution, climate change, threat to biodiversity and wildlife.
  • Social factors address concerns including: Diversity, human rights, consumer protection and animal welfare.
  • Governance factors address the rights and responsibilities of corporate boards, management, shareholders and other stakeholders.

The analysis of the above factors will provide an additional overlay to our existing security selection process and in turn will influence the asset allocation, portfolio construction, and direct shareholder engagement through proxy voting. Pacifica Partners is a member of the Responsible Investment Association of Canada.

Our Approach

Pacifica Partners’ traditional investment process involves selecting investments on a security-by-security basis with a keen focus on finding opportunities that are attractively priced.

Our Responsible Investing process builds on our traditional one. Once an investment is vetted and deemed an attractive opportunity to add to our client portfolios, a second ESG review is conducted to ensure that it meets or exceeds our minimum standard of ESG quality.

For detailed information on what responsible investing means to us and what it can do for you, please download a copy of our Responsible Investing Policy.