Newsletter: Are We (Half Way) There Yet

Are We (Half Way) There Yet?

– A look at the stimulus paved road to recovery

Pacifica Partners’ Investment Compass – Quarterly Market Commentary- Oct 18th 2009

In this issue:

Pacifica Partners’ 2009 third quarter Investment Compass Quarterly Market Commentary examines the economy’s current state and the impact that the global economic stimulus packages have had. In this issue we also examine inflation vs. deflation fears, the possibility of a jobless recovery, and corporate earnings.

Keywords: unemployment, inflation, nasdaq, commodities, Inventories, rebound, Federal Reserve, Deflation, economic growth, money supply, emerging markets, ben bernanke, cost cutting, fall 2009, keynesian, government stimulus, labor force, industrial capacity, pacifica partners, speaker series, g20 nations, monetary response, jobless recovery, us dollar depreciated, m2 money supply, inventory restocking

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